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School Insurance

The School Insurance Package is a special policy designed for schools.
The Policy covers;

    • T he risks of fire including loss/damage of school and students’ property as a result of riots, strikes, civil commotion, impact damage, lightening and storm. Properties covered include: buildings and contents therein like generators, computers, typewriters, furniture, textbooks, stationery and students’ personal effects. The school property is insured to the full value, while the students property is limited to Shs .150,000/= per student.
    • Accidents to students while in the school environment or outside the school but on programs associated with the school curriculum up to the tune of 500,000/= for anyone student/accident.
    • Public Liability- injury/death and damage/loss of property of third party, while on the school premises up to the tune of 200,000,000/=
    • Burglary/robbery of school/students’ property excluding cash up to the tune of Shs. 5,000,000/= for school property and shs.100, 000/= per student.



Travel Insurance

This policy provides cover to travelers going abroad on leisure and/ or business and provides indemnity for personal accidents and related expenses as a result of illness or injury while a person is traveling on a specified trip. The policy is also extended to cover Loss of Checked Baggage, Delayed Baggage, Loss of Passport, Personal Liability and Travel Delay.

We understand that travelers face both medical and non-medical risks in the course of their travels. Therefore Pax Travel Insurance is one of the most affordable, comprehensive and reliable travel health insurance covers in Uganda. It provides cover for you in all countries of the World including the Schengen states, USA and Canada. We have partnered with “Specialty Assistance”  which a has global representation, these do the payment of medical bills abroad, emergency evacuation and repatriation, in hospital monitoring, emergency information and assistance, return of mortal remains and legal assistance. .Read on

Motor Third Party (Statutory Cover)

It is a compulsory policy covering Death and/or Bodily injury in respect of Third parties

Motor Third Party property Damage
This covers the policy holder against legal liability for Damage to property belonging to others.
Motor Comprehensive

Provides indemnity for all material damage: i.e. the risk of accidental loss, fire and theft, including damage caused by fold, hurricane storm and tempest, earthquake, riots, strikes and civil commotions and malicious damage.

Windscreen Extension

Reimbursement of costs incurred to replace or repair your car windscreen following damage or loss other than involving total loss of the vehicle.

Third Party Liability

Third party cover provides compensation to third parties for bodily injury or death caused by the use of your motor vehicles as required by statute.
 Vehicles to be insured

  • Private: Covers vehicle types such as Saloon wagons and small vehicles used for official, social, domestic and pleasure purposes.
  • Commercial: To cover Pick-Ups, Trucks, Lorries, Vans and Minibuses.
  • Motor Cycle: Motor Cycles used for official, business, social and domestic purposes.
Marine Cargo and Goods In Transit (GIT)

These policies protect the insured against risk of damage and loss of goods whilst in transit locally or internationally. The goods may be carried by road, rail, air or sea or a combination of modes of transport.

Fire and Special Perils

This policy provides indemnity for loss of and/or damage to buildings, Plant and Machinery, stock in trade, etc. resulting from fire, lightening, explosion of gas or boilers used for domestic purposes, earthquake, subsistence and landslip, Impact by moving objects, aircraft damage, riots, strikes and malicious damage, water damage by burst pipes or apparatus.

Domestic Package

The package has five sections, namely;

(i) House Owners:  Covers residential houses and buildings against losses resulting from fire, lightening, earthquake, impact, water damage, malicious damage and many other perils as enumerated under the Fire policy.

(ii) House Holders:  Provides cover against losses and damage of House hold properties/contents such as furniture, electrical appliances and any other valuable property kept in residences.

(iii) All Risks:  Covering against loss or damage to valuable movable items such as watches gold chains, ear rings etc.

(iv) Legal Liabilities:  This indemnifies the policy holder against liability resulting from an accident on their property causing death or bodily injury or damaging Third Party property.

(v) Worker’s Compensation: This section covers the policy holder against death or injuries sustained by Domestic servants whilst in the course of their employment.


This policy provides protection against loss of movable items by theft accompanied by violent entry into and/or exist from the premises. In view of the remote possibility of total loss by the theft of all the items at various locations in a single burglary event, we would recommend incorporation of the first loss sum insured to act as the insurers limit of liability for anyone loss and also the maximum under the policy.



Machinery Breakdown:
Covers damage to the machinery as a consequence of breakdown.
Electronic Equipment/Computers

Electronic equipments are exposed to various operational hazards; we recommend this cover for your computers, Air conditioning Plant and accessories to provide indemnity for losses resulting from:
a) Breakdown, actual breaking, distortion or electrical burn out whilst in use or at Rest;
b) Accidental damage i.e. any other sudden and unforeseen loss including fire and Lightning, theft, earth quake, malicious damage, riots, strikes and civil commotions.

Electronic Equipment additionally provides for:

  • Indemnity for damage to other data carrying media e.g. diskettes, tapes and cables resulting from any of the above perils.
  • Reimbursement of additional expenses incurred to reproduce lost data and records following damage to the insured equipment by any of the above perils.
Contractors’ All Risks

Covers Contractor against accidental damage, fire and theft or loss of building, Construction material and Equipment, Machinery and structure on building or road sites. Cover can be extended to include Third Party Liabilities.

All Risks

This policy provides protection for your various portable valuable items e.g Mobile phones, Telephone systems, Fax machines, Switchboard, Fans, Office, Fittings and Equipment etc. the indemnity under this cover is for all risks of physical loss of and/or damage including fire and theft, and also includes cover for the insured items whilst being used away from the premises or in repair workshops.

Cash In Transit

This cover would be required for indemnity against “All Risks” of physical loss and/or damage to money whilst in transit to and from the premises and whilst in the premises during and after working hours.

We would require an estimate of the annual carryings and the limits of cover desired for the various situations/circumstances to enable us tailor a suitable quote. Our cover also includes indemnity for damage to safes following theft or attempted theft. This cover is recommended for Financial Institution like Banks, Microfinance, Forex Bureaus and Businesses that receive money in bulk.

Worker’s Compensation

This insurance cover is to provide compensation to the employees of the organization who get injured in the course of their employment. This is a twelve-hour cover. It is mandatory cover required by the Workers Compensation Act of 2000. The Workers’ Act provides for a Capital sum Insured of 60 months earnings (or 5 year earnings per worker)

Employers Liability
This covers the insured against death of or injury to employees who are not workmen and therefore whose awards are likely to exceed those provided for under the Workers’ Act.
Public Liability

This policy provide protection against your legal liability to compensate third parties for injuries and/or damage to their property resulting form accident s or events at any premises owned, occupied, hired or leased for your operations anywhere in the country. Our proposal also includes cover under the following extensions subject to a limit of 10% of the General Liability limit.

  • Food and Drink poisoning
  • Use of Car Parks
  • Use of Signs Posts
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Use of carts and Pedals Cycles
  • Visits by Executive abroad
  • Jurisdiction clause: Uganda
Personal Accident or Group Personal Accident

Whereas the workmen’s compensation cover provides protection for your legal liability to compensate employees for injuries resulting from accidents at work, the Group Personal Accident cover is a benefit policy for your employees on a 24 hours basis. The benefits payable under this policy may be fixed as multi of employee’s earnings or as fixed sum per person as follows
Death/ permanent total disability   -6 month’s earnings     
Permanent Partial disability          - as per the Act 2000
Medical expenses

Funeral expenses
Professional Indemnity
This Insurance protects Professionals such as Accountants, lawyers, medical personnel etc from legal liabilities that may arise in the course of their duty.
Fidelity Guarantee

This policy protects the organization against the risk of direct pecuniary loss arising from dishonesty or fraudulent acts of the employees. The policy is given on an accommodation basis, as the client should take at least two other policies with the corporation. And issued on named basis.

Mortgage Protection

This policy covers any type of property mortgaged in the banks. This includes buildings, motor vehicles and other assets. The insurance cover given to these properties differ but are among the policies offered by PAX insurance already mentioned above.

Business interruption

This policy provides protection against loss of profits following damage at the insured locations by fire and/or any of the special perils. Additionally this policy also provides cover for wages necessary to maintain staff during the interruption period as well as increased costs of working to minimize loss of gross profit.

Plate Glass Insurance

This policy offers protection against the risk of accidental breakage of glass of show rooms, office buildings etc.

Loan Protection

The Loan Protection Insurance cover protects banks, microfinance institutions and SACCOs against the unexpected loss following the death or total permanent disability of the borrower.

In the event of the Client Debtor losing his capacity to maintain his monthly instalments or servicing his loan or over draft as a result of:

    • Death/Disappearance from any un-excluded cause
    • Total Permanent Disablement
    • Temporary Total Disablement
    • Involuntary Retrenchment
    • Abscondance
    • Funeral Expenses

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