Key Features

  1. Coverage in different situations: The Contractor's Plant and Machinery policy provides protection for the insured property regardless of whether it is in operation or at rest. It also covers machinery and equipment during dismantling for cleaning, overhauling, or re-erection, but only after successful commissioning. This comprehensive coverage ensures that your essential machinery and equipment are protected in various situations, providing peace of mind throughout the construction process.
  2. Repair or replacement: If the insured property suffers sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage, the policy will cover the cost of repair or replacement up to the specified limit. This ensures that contractors can continue with their projects without facing significant financial setbacks due to unexpected damages to their machinery and equipment.


Exclusions: As with any insurance policy, certain causes of damage may be specifically excluded from the Contractor's Plant and Machinery policy. These exclusions will be clearly outlined in the policy documents, and it is crucial for contractors to understand and consider these when evaluating the coverage provided by the policy.

PAX Insurance's Contractor's Plant and Machinery insurance is a vital protection for contractors who rely on their equipment and machinery to complete construction projects. By choosing PAX Insurance for your Contractor's Plant and Machinery insurance needs, you can focus on your work with confidence, knowing that your valuable assets are protected against unexpected losses or damages.